Face Perfection

This treatment makes the skin smooth, radiant and vital. Depending on the type of skin, our beauticians will choose the most suitable textures and products to revitalise and nourish any skin type.

Hydra Perfection Facial

Skin needs water, whether you’re 20 or 40 years of age, and hydration is the first daily step towards achieving a youthful complexion and slow down skin ageing. 

Dibi Milano Hydra Perfection Facial treatment successfully stimulate the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms and replenish its water and nutrient reserves.

Hydra Perfection with Marine Mask

£130 – 1 hour

Procellular 365

This treatment is a targeted solution for all types of skin that tend to be fragile and sensitising, due to age, or as a consequence of aesthetic medicine treatments.

£125 – 1 hour

Defence Solution

This treatment is recommended for sensitive, intolerant and reactive skin requiring protection and strengthening.

Pure Equaliser

This treatment is the first professional cosmetic line intended to treat combination, oily and blemished skin prone to acne because, as we know, not all blemishes are alike. The combined action of the products and treatments at the aesthetic institute helps contribute to the natural mechanism of the skin’s functions, countering impurities and regulating the production of sebum.

£130 – 1 hour

Pure Equaliser with Mud Mask

White Science

This treatment is recommended for everyone, regardless of age, presenting hyperpigmentation, uneven colour and dull complexion.

£125 – 1 hour

Age Method

This is a universal youth treatment inspired by epigenetics, the science of genes. The treatment offers two actions:

It defends the biological and cellular capital, protecting against daily stress, fatigue, jet-lag and climatic changes;

It restructures and performs a global intense anti-age action, intervening on the damage caused by skin and hormonal ageing, smoothing the features, minimising expression lines and deep wrinkles, and strengthening the skin’s structure.

£120 – 1 hour

Lift Creator

This treatment reduces wrinkles, firm up tissues and re-densify them.

Cosmetic peeling: to smooth and renew the skin’s tissues.
Cosmetic reforming: to reintegrate the skin with hyaluronic acid repositioning the facial volumes.
Cosmetic lifting: to stimulate the cells to produce substances that create elasticity and turgidity to the skin, promoting a rejuvenation action from the inside.

£125 – 1 hour

Acid Infusion

DIBI MILANO’s first bio-activating line for rejuvenated, renewed skin.

A multifaceted facial treatment strategy that supports the renewal of the epidermis, stimulating and re-activating cutaneous tissue and counteracting signs of aging and sun damage.

These three synergistic effects are made possible by the powerful duo of active ingredients at the heart of the formula: Pure Acids and Dermoactive Ingredients. Working together for the first time* in a brand new formula.