Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Treatment at a glance

The light targets the porphyrins produced by the P, Acnes bacteria in the skin. A photodynamic reaction occurs and produces the free radical single oxygen which performs a selective destruction of the P.acnes themselves.

Procedure time:
30 Mins


Clear skin

Reduce redness , prevent acne break outs , reduce pore size , brighter , tighter glowing skin.

Target Areas
Face, neck, chest.

Number of treatments
3 treatments every 4 weeks.

How does it work?

The light in the IPL machine targets the bacteria killing the acne bacteria , reducing pore size to prevent oily skin and helping you achieve clear skin.
The light is also absorbed into the blood vessel which supple the sebaceous glands, by heating up the capillaries this will reduce there blood flow to the sebaceous glands and decrease the over-production of oil in the skin.

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