Facials for Mature Skin Lacking Elasticity...

Dibi Milano LIFT CREATOR treatment reduces wrinkles, firm up tissues and re-densify them.

Cosmetic peeling: to smooth and renew the skin’s tissues.
Cosmetic reforming: to reintegrate the skin with hyaluronic acid repositioning the facial volumes.
Cosmetic lifting: to stimulate the cells to produce substances that create elasticity and turgidity to the skin, promoting a rejuvenation action from the inside.

£125 – 1 hour

Skin Rejuvenation (IPL) therapy is non-invasive and gentle on your skin and will be significantly reduced unwanted markings, such as skin blemishes, scars, vascular lesions, thread veins, pigmentation and redness.

This safe light-based therapy can target problematic areas by emitting a light that heats up collagen beneath the skin, encouraging the body to produce more of this beneficial protein. Enhanced collagen production can fill in fine lines or wrinkles as well as some shallow acne scars. It will decreases redness and broken capillaries plus lightens pigmentation.

£125 – 15 mins

Filler Package (3.3ml).

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