LED Pro Mask Facial

The Déesse LED mask provides a safe and pain-free way to achieve naturally vibrant and clearer skin for those who are acne prone, starting to show the signs of ageing, or suffering from certain skin conditions, by using light emitting diodes (LEDs) which provide low-level light therapy (LLLT) treatment. It’s a favourite with celebrities and Hollywood A-listers, all looking for that radiant glow.

20 mins – £25

Proven benefits:

• Improves wrinkles and reduces fine lines
• Improves smoothness and softness
• Improves clarity and firmness
• Improves texture and tone
• Powerful anti-inflammatory, reduces redness
• Improves mood by helping to increase serotonin levels
• Improve sleep quality and duration
• Reduces headache and stress

SOS Detox Facial LED Therapy

A deep cleansing ritual combined with a target blue light treatment

Mode: 2

Targets: Congested & acne

1 hour – £100

Express Fire & Ice LED Therapy

Our acclaimed resurfacing treatment featuring a combination of three lights.

Mode: 4

Targets: Acne, ageing & pigmentation

1 hour – £100

SOS Hydration Facial
LED Therapy

A deep hydrating treatment combined with a target red light

Mode: 1

Targets: Dry, dehydrated skin & ageing

1 hour – £100

Champagne Enzyme Facial LED Therapy

An anti-aging light resurfacing treatment using a target red light

Mode: 1

Targets: Dry skin & ageing

1 hour – £100

SOS Calming Facial
LED Therapy

An anti-inflammatory recovery treatment featuring a combination of three lights

Mode: 4

Targets: Post-procedure & rosacea

1 hour – £100

Déesse Pro LED Mask only

Book our LED Mask for 20 minutes, we can advice on the best mode for your skin type. (If choosing this option, we advise to remove make up before your treatment.) Or add on to one of our facials.

20 mins – £20


Beauty in a box

  • Déesse Pro LED Light Therapy Mask
  • USB Rechargable Control Unit
  • Multi Country Power Adaptors
  • Head Straps
  • Protective Travel Bag & User Guide
  • Medical Grade Protective Eyewear