COMCIT Frozen Facial​

Enjoy a full cleanse and gentle exfoliation, followed by our ground-breaking COMCIT treatment, using simultaneous infusion of Cryo-Oxygen and a Hyaluronic serum that is packed with plant stem cells and delivered into the lower level of the skin through a closed circuit blast of freezing cold oxygen.

COMCIT H20 Glow Facial

The H20 Glow facial delivers freezing cold oxygen throughout the epidermis to nourish and invigorate skin cells, while the COMCIT Microchanneling action reaches deeper into dermal layers plumping and re-balancing the skin from the inside out.

COMCIT Oxygen Facial​

Breathe life into your skin with this Oxygen facial and get immediate staggering results.  COMIC Oxygen Therapy is packed with active ingredients that resructure the skin from the inside out, visibly plumping lines and wrinkles while firming the skin around the eyes, face and neck.