Hair Removal

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) works by selectively damaging and killing actively growing hair follicles. After some repeat sessions, almost all of the hair will be permanently removed. IPL is the next step on from laser and electrolysis, is more comfortable, and you will need fewer treatments. 

Downtime: None

After care: No added heat or shower/bath for 24 hours.

Recommend of treatments: 6-10 treatments.

Results: Should see results after the first treatment and they will keep improving after each treatment until hair is permanently removed.

Bikini Area – £90

Upper lip – £50

Eyebrows or Ears – £40

Underarms – £90

Full Arms – £130

Full legs – £190

Full face & neck – £120

Full chest & back – £200

Upper lip, chin & jawline – £90

Full body for male – £2200

Full body for female – £2000